Hiroko Tsuchimoto & Marie Gavois:
Aggressive Gestures part 2

Aggressive Gestures part 2:

Zweitägiges Performance-Programm und Seminar

am 6./7. Juli 2019 in der Werkhalle in Dortmund

kuratiert von Hiroko Tsuchimoto & Marie Gavois

mit den Künstler*innen

Birt Berglund

Yingmei Duan

Marie Gavois

Rebecca Erin Moran

Alexander Rütten

Jana Kerima Stolzer

Johan Sundell

Hiroko Tsuchimoto

Nathalie Wuerth

Koproduziert mit Fylkingen  New Music and Intermedia Art, Stockholm

Gefördert durch: Kunststiftung NRW, Stadt Dortmund Kulturbüro

Dank an: Die Urbanisten, MEX-appeal, Künstlerhaus in Dortmund


they are a potential warning sign before an action

they are afraid of doing the action

they are becoming a problem

they are hidden in a smile

they ruin

they protect

they press

they feel oppressed

they rude

they too woke

catch the moment before being edited by the harmony

combination of noise and silence

even at the same time


tolerant of intolerance

intolerant of intolerance

intolerant of tolerance

the enemy of our enemy is our frenemy

AGGRESSIVE GESTURES, depending on who you are, depending on your experience, depending on your taste, depending on your fetishes, depending on the weather, depending on the money in your pocket, depending on the day in the month, depending on your levels and directions of sensitivity, depending on your identity that very second, depending on the guards, depending on the traffic you’re in, depending on your neighbors, depending on your friends, depending on your enemies, depending on the cameras, depending on your body, depending on your insurance company, depending on your brain capacity, depending on your humor, depending on your empathy, depending on your sadness, depending on the ground on which you stand, depending on from which position you are operating.

Longing for AGGRESSIVE GESTURES, like wanting someone to be speaking out loud, using only CAPITAL letters, being extremely honest, wipe that politeness away!

That’s how it started, we were saying we miss to experience explosive, aggressive gestures of thoughts and visions, reflections, screwed up, taboos being exposed. That’s how it started, that’s why we do this, that’s why we want to talk about aggressive gestures. Because we miss the artistic aggressive gestures, miss aggressive reactions to overdeveloped ideas, theoretic meta bullshit and snakepit tendencies, and then the single artist geniuses still being presented, get a life!

We are longing for more daredevils! We want to see riots on stage, We want to feel something, We expect only to be blown off our seats, nothing else but going against any kind of normativity is entertaining us.

Fuck frames and discipline.

If you don’t have a feminist way of looking at the world, get out of the way!

We want sweat!

We welcome everyone to our safe place, a yoga free zone.

*we hear what you’re saying and, although we don’t agree with everything you said

*we care about you without a trigger warning

/ Tsuchimoto, Gavois